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Re: Looking for a Vondy or a Kinnish

Apparently it's not me you want. You want Claire McDonald whose father was Dr Raymond Vondy Kinnish. I did a search to see what other postings she'd made and on one of them, she gave her e mail address of gcmcd@comcast.net so maybe that's still a current address.

You do not leave anyone any other method of getting in touch but through the bulletin board. But if it indeed is me you want, you can find my e mail address in a similar manner to the one I used to find Claire McDonald's.

My knowledge of the Kinnishes you seek is pretty much limited to what I posted but I am interested particularly in the second marriage of Robert Kinnish and would like to know what became of him-- where he is buried and such. And would be interested in any known photographic representation of the man or his second wife Mary Ann Kelly.