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Thanks to Len, my records show a R.K. Crellin born 1876/7 Castletown, list starts 1896 was a Steward on I.ofM.S.P. ship S.S. Mona's Queen previous ship nil. So my thinking is he started at age of 19/ 20 yrs. In 1911 he served on two packet ships S.S. Mona's Isle and S.S. Douglas as a 2nd Mate. It then states Richard K. Crellin in 1912 served on the S.S. Empress Queen as still 2nd Mate previous ship the S.S. Douglas. In 1912 he served on the S.S. Mona's Isle as still 2nd Mate. In 1913 ( end of my records ) he served still as 2nd Mate on the S.S. Empress Queen and also in same year the S.S. Snaefell.

The above source I.D.'s are # 059459.

I then checked my personal records of Captains 1905 to 1935 and he was not listed Sorry.

The above sources are the British Isles "Clip CD 1863 to 1913 for Crew Lists. The Captain records are the Manx Museum officer only listings. No non-officer lists exist in the Manx Museum only bravery rewards.

I hope this helps.

Regards... Brian www.kneen.com