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David Barron married Elizabeth Corlett on 3 April 1766 at Lezayre. Some twenty years ago a Researcher on the Island gave me the following quote from their marriage certificate:
"David Barron from Dundee in North Britain, Batchelor (sic) and Mariner belonging to his Majesty's Sloop of War the Ranger and Catherine Cottier of this parish of Lezayre who, tho' she is named as Catherine in the license alledges (sic) it was a mistake and her true and real christian name being Elizabeth, were married in this church by license this third day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty six. By me John Gills, Vicar of Lezayre."
Their son David Barron married Jane Lace at Braddan on 8th December 1804.
I hope this ties in for you.

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