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Re: Parents Thos Quine + Kath Creer

I transcribed the two wills of John Creer and Ann Stole from Ballamodda, Braddan [which are on Brian Lawson's website], to which you refer, and I don't see the granddaughter Kath mentioned?

They had a granddaughter Margaret ďdau of Wm Creer Balemody bapt June ye 3rdĒ 1722 Braddan [in motherís will 1774; in grandmotherís will 1733].
Margaret married Thos. QUINE 9 Oct. 1744 Braddan.
I have also transcribed the 1777 will of this Margaret Quine als Creer: http://www3.telus.net/lawson/twill/1777_019.html

You appear to have only one of their children - Robert - on your website? Plus another Robert of the same bapt date, different year, which is an IGI private entry and looks like an error.

Children of Margaret CREER & Thomas QUINE:
Gilnoe QUINE bapt. 28 Oct.1753 Braddan [in grandmotherís will]. [Gilnoo Quine age 71
buried 14 Jul 1821 Braddan; Jane dau Gilnoo ag'd 14 yrs buried Oct 8th 1795.]
Wm QUINE [twin]: bapt 28 Oct.1753 Braddan
Robt QUINE bapt. 03 Nov. 1745 Braddan
Pat QUINE [male] bapt. 20 Aug.1758 Braddan [in motherís will 1777]
John QUINE 19 Oct.1760 Braddan [in motherís will 1777]
Elizabeth QUINE [in motherís will 1777]

[Notes from will film 106373. Oct 22 1733 Braddan:
Gilnoo Quine d. 10 Aug (1733) intestate. Children Tho & Anne Quine sole joint adminrs. Jo & Isab Quine the uncle & aunt overseers. John being sick, Isabel is sworn in Court. The children & their goods are in the hands of the sworn overseers who have pledged: Robt Faile & Robt Lewn.
Oct 31 1733 The uncles Jo Quine & Robt Creer are sworn overseers & gave pledges for their proportion of the debts & children's goods: Robt Kelly (Ballabrew) Tho Kelly & Thos Quine - Wm Kelly (Ballawillyn) is pledged instead of Tho Quine.
The children in the hands of the mother & of the uncle Jo Quine.
Feb 7 1733 [1733/4] Jo Quine the uncle acknowledged to have the goods in his own hands....... [continues].

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There were several marriages between Quine and Creer, but I have traced only the Ballamodda family. Almost all the Braddan Creer wills have been transcribed, and several of the Quine ones. If you are not looking at these you are missing a valuable source.

John Creer will know where Kath fitted in - I'll let him know about your message.