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She is not in the census of 1901, taken for the night of 5/6 April. Makes sense if she was buried on 7 April.

1891, Lezayre, district 2, schedule 30, Curragh
Ann Black, head, married, 47, farming, Jurby
John, son, single, 19, farming, Laxey
Jane Killey, mother, widow, 77, Rushen

1881, Lonan, district 2, schedule 35, 3 Rensell
John Killey, head, married, 62, lead ore washer, Santan
Jane, wife, married, 60, Rushen

1851, Jurby, district 3, schedule 6, Bretney
Ann Hutchin, head, widow, 73, labourer, Malew
John Killey, son in law, married, 39, agricultural labourer, Patrick
Jane, daughter, married, 37, Arbory
John, grandson,unmarried, 16, agricultural labourer, Jurby
William, grandson,unmarrid, 14, scholar, Jurby
Ann, granddaughter,unmarried, 7, Jurby
Thomas, grandson, unmarried, 3, Jurby