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Hiya Sue

Thanks for that. No, the children's names on the 1841 are John, Peter, Elizabeth (G2 Grandmother), and Michael. I know from later censuses that John was John R, but I've so far been unable to establish what the R stood for.
He was born in Liverpool in about 1831 so in theory at least it should be possible to track down his baptism record.

I have Michael's birth certificate as he was born in August 1837, confirming Deborah's maiden name but giving no other clues. Deborah's name is spelled variously Debra, Deborah and Debora, and Corlett is Curlet, Curlett and on Michael's birth certificate, Corlatt.

John and Deborah were married 4 December 1826 so, assuming she was at least 20, she would have been born 1806 or earlier although in the 1841 she gives her age as 40.

Regards, Bill