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Thanks Len - the quote (from Goodwin) is Paper of February 12th, 1815, says : " Died at Peel on the 3rd, John Cowx, formerly of Cumberland." His widow married a Welsh gentleman, who resided at Peel. Several of her descendants by both marriages are now living in Peel.
However there is an interesting comment in 1816 Hannah Buloock - Even in a case of murder, and that pretty well proved, the verdict returned being manslaughter, the criminal escaped with only three weeks confinement,* whereas I have known a debtor languish in Castle Rushen eight years after he had relinquished the last remnant of his property.

*I allude to the case of one Coux [?Cowx], who was indicted for the murder of his wife; and on whose trial, before the late deemster Lace, it appeared, that he had perpetrated this crime with so much deliberation, as to wait the heating of a poker, with which he struck the blows which occasioned her death - yet was the verdict such as I have recorded above.

and in 1878 The lane running in the rear of The Green and opening at the Kirk German Vicarage house, formerly called The Jib, but sometimes designated Back Green Lane, to be called by its ancient name of the "Jib Lane".

The lane leading from the last mentioned one to The Green houses, and opening at the east gable of "Cowx's House" (now occupied by Mrs Susanah Cowell), to be called the "Green Lane".

Maybe Bullock's comments are why the Cowx name stuck ?