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Re: John Meyrick
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A John Cowx from Cumberland married Jane Christian in Ballaugh 1810. He died in 1815.By then two children were born, Susannah Ch .1811 and Hannah Ch .1815- Hannah died young.

Jane Cown (Cowx?) married John Myrick 1816 in German and had a son William in 1825.

In 1835 Susannah married Henry Cowell but by 1881 she was a widow living in Peel with her children and brother John Meyrick- I assume her half brother since his age is given as 60 (1821).

Does it follow that if Susannah and William share the same mother that John must be the brother of William ?

Jane Christian became Jane Cowx which was transposed to Jane Cown and Jane Cowin.

The information is taken from Manx notebook, IGI, Brian Lawson's site and some guesswork.

Len Faragher