Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Looney 's family history

I have recently found out I was adopted and have spent alot of time looking for family. I found out My mother was a Luna (Looney) family history has
Silas Looney Grandfather Arkansas USA
James Levi Looney Great grandfather Marshall co. Tenn USA
James Kain Looney Great Great Grandfather Marshall Co. USA
Peter Looney Great Great Great grandfather Pennsalvania, USA
Robert & Elizabeth Looney Immagrated from the Isle of Mann (1730's) ---- said to be 11 of 14 sons of John and miss Llewellen Looney.
I have checked the census 1880 and said to be over 30 Looney's located there.
can someone help me with finding my Family Coat of arms or Crest and tell me if any Looney's still live there.
Thanks Stephen Blake Smith. Mcloud Oklahoma USA.