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Hi to all the Taubman and Clucas families out there.
I belong to the Quirk family from Lambfell Moar on the Isle of Man.
Our pedigree chart has both names . An ancestor John Quirk married 
Margaret Clucas on 4 Dec 1702 ( I didn't attend the wedding)

Then in the next generation Jane Taubman married William Quirk-- John's son on 2nd Feb c.1735.

My Ann Quirk born 1815 at Lambfell  ( g.g.grandmother ) was the youngest child ofWilliam and Catherine Callin, married on the 22 March 1795 in Kirk Patrick.
Ann married William Campbell ( now he is a fellow I would like to find in Ireland!)
and they migrated to Oz in 1839 on board the ship "Hero of Malown "
arriving in Sydney. The family is well documented from then on. Any relatives around ?

The farm Lambell Moar had been in the family for over 400 years. A pity it has recently been sold      Erla Angell