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Iím Wendy Moonshine, a young single girl on the Isle of Man. Although, Manx by birth, I lived in London for a number of years. I spent just over three years in London, where in order to get by and pay my way through university, I was forced to work at strip clubs and eventually became a prostitute.

I moved back to the Isle of Man with my girlfriend (oops hope I havenít shocked you, I like men as well !) Sue in 1998 to take up a job in .... Well lets just say public affaires. I like eating out, night clubs and making love. Like most girls, I do like to make love, however I find that some people are shocked if I ask them to go to bed with me. People these days are too prudish and uptight, they should learn to express themselves more freely.

I come from a large family and have four brothers Michael, Ian, Darren and Brian and one adopted sister zasktella although since nobody could pronounce her native name she changed it to Deborah.