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My husbands great-grandfather, John Corlett McNeil 1823-1909 was born in Santan Parish on the Isle of Man the son of William McNeil and Ann Corlett and died in Colonia Morelos, Sonora, Mexico. Yes, John is really just his great-grandfather even though my husband was born in 1955. John was 30 years older then his last wife, my husbands great-grandmother, Mary Ann Smith who was born in Newton Heath, Lancashire, England in 1853 and died in 1944. I have found the name McNeil spelled a number of different ways on the records I have searched so far for the Isle of Man and these spellings are: McKneale, McNeal, Kneale, etc.

John Corlett McNeil was married 3 times and was the father of 27 children and my husbands grandmother, Annie Frances McNeil Thompson (child #24) was born in 1890 and died in 1989.

I would love to make contact with any family members still living on the island. As far as we know all of John's siblings except for maybe two stayed on the island. The children of William McNeil and Ann Corlett were: Jane Eleanor died young, John Corlett moved to America died in Mexico, William moved to America died in Ohio, Richard may have gone to Australia, Jane who married John Caine, Harriet who married Richard Kissack and Ann who married Charles Sayle and then John Fell/Fayle. I am pretty sure the last 3 girls all died there on the island, but not sure if any of their descendants still live there are not, if any do I would love to make contact with them.

The picture I have posted is of John's mother, Ann Corlett McNeil.