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My Great Grandmother Sarah had an older sister named Margaret Garrett. She lived from 1863 to 1944. Their Father, born in Belfast on 12/6/1833 and died in Blue Island, IL, just south of Chicago, on 10/27/1915 and Grandfather were named John Garrett. They were married to Elizabeth Long, and Margaret Shaw respectively. Elizabeth was born in Colinchie, Ireland 5/1/1830 and died in 1899, they were married on 1/1/1857, but I show this Margaret Garrett as being married to a Joseph Cunningham. Many of these names are family names and it looks like they carried many from generation to generation. Margaret's siblings were Mary, 1858-1919; Jane 1865-1915; Jennie 1860-1860; Robert 1862-1862; Martha; Willie (stillborn); Sarah, my great grandmother b. 11/6/1870-1/25/1963; and John her younger brother 1873-1957.