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Researching links back to IOM in the name of Christian and Skelley only (so far). I have a lot of information on my own Christian tree after about 1900, which I will be happy to share but am firmly stuck in my tree on John Edward Christian, born IOM, 1868 who suddenly appears in Liverpool upon his marriage in 1891.

The marriage certificate of John Edward (1) gives John Edward Christian(2) deceased at the time of the wedding in 1891, a Carpenter. My Father had some contact with John Edward(1) when he was a child and independently supplied information that John Edward's (1) father was also called John Edward (i.e. JE 2) and that JE (1) was from Peel. He also said that John Edward (1) was brought up by an aunt (2 aunts?) as his parents died young.

It is possible, perhaps likely, that my JEC is the John Christian in the 1881 census in Peel, both on land and on a ship (as the herring boats were, by accident, featured twice in the census).

This JC (aged 13 - consistent age) is a fisherman
living at at 10 Orry Lane, Peel with Ann Skelley and Elizabeth Skelley (these ladies are Mother
and daughter) and he is given as "grandson". He is also enumerated on a fishing boat called "The Matchless" (as Jno Christian, aged 13) here he is with one Cornelius Skelley. Cornelius links directly back to Ann and Elizabeth according to an email (now lost) from IOM correspondant, who found both John and "Crnlius" living with
Ann and Elizabeth on a census (perhaps the 1871 for IOM ?) with correct ages. Thus this John was living with the Skellys and Cornelius even at age 3. This ties in with the idea of his parents having died young(?when he/they were young). It would also place his parents' death between 1868 and 1871. The Cornelius on the Matchless may be the same person (same age) also onshore at No 8 Glenfaba Road, Peel, living with wife
Eleanor (is name significant ? my JE had a daughter Eleanor). (There are also other
Skelleys living at the same address).

Manx general registry have supplied a baptismal certificate for a birth of a John Christian,
February 14th 1868. Although this John is born in Ramsey and not Peel, they said that this
was the only birth that fitted the circumstances. father is John, mother is Margaret, of Church Street, Ramsey.

Siblings of JE(1)
None thought to exist. JE (1) is supposed to be an only child however there is a mysterious visitor in the 1901 census! This is William Christian, a visitor, age 29, born Peel, IOM, a shoe/boot maker. Until the 1901 census there was no mention of this person anywhere. I cannot find this William on the 1881 census.