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Soon-to-retire Technology Coordinator in a large high school (years 9-12) in a large suburb of Denver, Colorado. Before that, I spent 25 years in the classroom teaching Woodworking, Welding, Drafting, Auto Mechanics, and several other related courses.

I'm not quite a Colorado native, but my father was, and my wife and her family all were. I can prove connections back to the mid 1860's, before Colorado became a state.

I've traced my immediate lines to mainly England and Germany, but have Scottish, Irish and the rest mixed in. If it is to be believed, either my wife or I have connections to royalty from every country in Europe clear back to the Vikings and beyond. It's hard to prove, but it's fun to dream of possibilities.

Isle of Man is intriguing to me for some reason, and I have spent quite a bit of time researching various aspects of it lately, and hope to find more than a link to an ancestor who left to go to the United States.