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HI I am a manx gal livin in Lancasjhire, I left the IOM in 1985 when I was 24 (I think!). Anyway I am 40 next month, and hoping that my life really is going to take off! I am loooking for male and female penpals with manx connections, either still on the island or not, doesnt really matter, would just love some penpals I have lost contact with my rellies and pals that i left behind and really miss the iom but wont return until my kids have finished schooling as I dont want to uproot them. They are now 14 and 12. I am also looking for Mr Right-if he excists!!!!! I just love life but need more going on in mine!!!!! Sorry about the spelling errors, you wouldn't believe I am working towards becomming a proof reader would ya! This is also the very first time that I have written an e-mail I only got my pc 4 days ago and i am still finding my way around the thing. Anyway I will sign off now, intro letters are always hard yto do cos you never know who is gonna get them! Anyway, thanx for taking time to read this, I do hope you will reply. Take Care. Anne.