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Maiden name Stephenson.
Father: Ernest Kenneth born in Mancheser, England 1930-1998 Pennsylvania, US.

Grandparents: Ernest Leonard Manchester, England abt. 1900-1978 and Emma Elizabeth Hodgkinson 27 May 1902, IOM-?

Great Grandparents: Harry Stephenson in Maughold, IOM 1872-? (>1901) and Esther (?) abt. 1868 Berkinshead, England - ?

Great Great Grandparents: John in Douglas, IOM 1831-? and Jane (Gell) Douglas, IOM 1836- 15 May, 1898 Jurby, IOM. Her parents: Robert Douglas, IOM 1809-21 Feb, 1898 in Jurby. And Elenor born in Douglas, IOM 1802-?

Great Great Great Grandparents: John (unknown dates & places) and Ruth Muncaster (unknown dates & places, still looking for documentation on this couple and all info).