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I am a teacher in Manchester researching by manx family tree. My grandparents are Joan Quaggan (Union Mills) and Roy Quine Bridson (Douglas).

The main relatives i am trying to get more research about are:

Paul Bridson Quaggan (1867-1935, Malew)
Emily Ann Postlethwaite (1868-1937, Malew)
Thomas Clucas (1839-1881, Douglas, was drowned at sea as a volunteer of the RNLI)
Thomas William Bridson (1860-1949, Santan)
Ann Elizabeth Delany (1858-1930)
John Quine (1855-?, a shoemaker, an owner of Quine and Shimmin shoe shops)
Mary Elizabeth Cowley (1865-1918)

Plus many others that i will update.