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I immigrated to Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1978, with my 2 young daughters.
I am an artist by training and preference, but an arts administrator by profession.
I am an island-dweller. From the UK to PEI to a period working in Jamaica, I need to be surrounded by water, and to know that the shore is somewehere close by.
I recently studied to gain qualifications to teach English as a second language. This included producing interesting teaching plans, which involved research. New immigrants are interested in others' experience and I therefore wrote a series of family stories, all linked. Part of those stories included references to my Uncle Fred, a relative through marriage, and an enigmatic and extremely inetersting person. He was a Manxman, and I want to find out more about his family.
Because my class-notes are developing into a family novel, and I want to combine my love of history and the need to write down my history before its lost to my grandchildren.