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I am a 60 year old faculty administrator at a University in Virginia, USA. I am a 3rd generation American. My last name, Gawne, we have traced back over 400 years in Ballaugh in the Isle of Man. My grandfather's family went to Ireland and then to the US. He was the only one born in the US. My mother is a Gannon, from O'Connell's and Dailey's in Conguilla, County Kerry, Ireland.

When my parents visited Douglas years ago, they noted 28 Gawnes in the phone book. There aren't that many in any city phone book in the US. In fact, only a bit over 200 listings in internet searches of the name. They found a church in Douglas with a LtCol. John Charles Gawne listed on a stain glass window......dated in the 1700's. I know who I am, where my ancestors came from, and am proud of my Manx roots.