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My paternal grandmother, Eleanor Boyde, was born in Ballaugh in 1887, the only surviving twin. She moved to Glasgow to work as a housemaid, after she had met my grandfather, an Irish-Scot, who was visiting the Island. Eleanorís father was John James Boyde who was born in 1861 in Kirk Michael.

I have researched the Boyd(e) family back to about 1810 and am slowly researching the other Manx families to whom I am related by birth or marriage, including Callister, Comaish and variants, Crellin, Cretney, Cubbon, Gelling, Gill or Gell, Goldsmith, McNameer, Simpson, Teare & Kelly. I am also researching Gillibrand and Orr, who married into the Boyde family. The key characters in my research are currently:

William McNameer married Isabel Teare c1760
Stephen Comaish married Isabel McNameer (also McNamur) in 1802
Patrick Callister married Ellen Crellin in 1820
James Boyde married Isabella Comaish (also Comish) in 1832
Richard Gill (Gell) married Jane Simpson in 1833
John Boyde married Ellen Callister in 1838
Joseph Kelly (father is James Kelly) married Catherine Gill in 1858

I am happy to compare notes on any of those names but especially the Boyd(e)s.