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After thirty-five years in further education and university teaching, research and management I am now a freelance researcher and writer and have three main areas of research activity - geo-thermodynamics, the interaction of builfings with their environment and the communities around the Irsh Sea in the 'Dark Ages'.

I have been trying for a long time to gather and collate all information available about people throughout the world with the Killip surname with the aim of producing a single family tree eventually. I know this can never be achieved, particularly as the records do not go back suffiently far to identify a single or small number of originators of the surname, but it is worth aiming for nevertheless - it is possible that a detailed DNA study may progress this in the future, but the costs of genealogical DNA tests are too high currently to support a comprehensive study.
Information seems to reach me from associates around the world at a faster rate than I am able to collate it! I am grateful to be studying the relatively scarce Killip name and not Smith, Jones or Patel!