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I started a one-name project in July 2005 - SMITH Family History Project of Lancashire & West Riding of Yorkshire.
From January 2006 this was expanded to include SMITH of the Isle of Man. The project's website includes "The Smith List" which lists the Smith family history interests submitted by researchers of the name in these areas. There is an A-Z first names index to the Smith List.

Since inclusion of Smith of the Isle of Man in January 2006 - one researcher has submitted their Smith of Isle of Man interests to date (at April 2006). But it is a start & hopefully more will follow. However, I realise that Smith is not such a common name in the Isle of Man & so very likely not many researchers with these interests. But if there are any of you out there - your interests would of course be most welcome & valued for inclusion in the Smith List.

Otherwise - I am a Lancashire Lass with no family connections myself to the Isle of Man, as far as I know, but very interested in the history of the Island & have many happy memories of summer holidays there. Hope to visit again soon.

Carole Ashworth (nee Smith - of course!!)