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Has anyone stumbled over a William Leece, shipwright, who died in Liverpool December 6 1860 aged 65 according to his death certificate?
He married Catherine Denver (also Danvers) in Liverpool in July 1818, and following her death in 1840 remarried to one Charlotte Brown the following year.
The 1841 census has an "I" by his name, usually signifying Irish birth, but I have already come across transcription errors in census records and I suspect that his true birthplace was in the IoM. According to his 1841 marraige certificate, his father was also called William and was still alive in that year.
So far he has eluded me in the 1851 census - PRO records suggest that a man of that name spent most of 1851 at sea.
A William Leece was baptised in Douglas IoM in 1798, the son of William Leece and Sophia, nee Callow. A possibility if one allows the possibility of an error in the 1860 death certificate.
Any help gratefully received!

William Leece (great-great grandson of the man above)

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