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dated 8 Feb 1741/2;recites that Tho Kelvis[sic - miscopy of Kelvie?](+ wife Kath als Blackburn) son of John Kelvis(decd, Ramsey), Jane Kelvis relict of sd John Kelvis and Isabel + Margt Kelvis(h/o John Looney) daus of sd John Kelvis to prevent disputes have reached settlement - Thos + wife quit claim any right to house of Moreaugh + moiety of garden on moriraugh; Jane + daus quit claim any right to houses in Ramsey belonging to sd John Kelvie + all land in Kk Andreas ...Witt Math Christian, Arthur Cowll, Daniel Cry

I have it filed under May 1742 as I think the Oct courts were not held

have a photo of original doc

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