Manx Genealogy

Clucas family line

I am currently putting together a family tree - my wifes name and family line is CLUCAS - i understand this is a very common surname in the Isle of Man. I am collecting information currently and trying to piece it together - woudl anyone be able to help direct me or have any family detail to put me on the correct path ...
Starting from present CLUCAS line ...

My wifes father = GEORGE CLUCAS - born in Liverpool 1930 (married Anne Caffrey born in Liverpool)
Georges father = ROBERT CLUCAS - born in Liverpool 1885 (married Mary Lloyd born in Liverpool)
Georges grandfather = GEORGE CLUCAS - born in Peel, Isle of Man 1854 (married Martha Riding born in Liverpool)
Georges great grandfather = JOHN THOMAS CLUCAS - born in Ballakilley, Rushen, Isle of Man 1825 (married Jane Kewley or Kelly born in Michael, Isle of Man)
Georges g.great grandfather = JOHN CLUCAS - born in Patrick, Isle of Man 1795 (married Catherine Quayle, presumed born in Isle of Man ?)
Georges g.g.grandfather = JOHN CLUCAS - born in German, Glenfaba, Isle of Man 1769 (married Margaret Gell born in German, Isle of Man)
Georges g.g.g.grandfather = PHINLOH CLUCAS - born in Kirkmichael, Isle of Man 1735 (married Margaret Kelly born in Isle of Man)
Georges g.g.g.g.grandfather = THOMAS CLUCAS - born in Isle of Man 1712 (married Sarah Farger born in Malew, Rushen, Isle of Man)
Georges g.g.g.g.g.grandfather = WILLIAM PHILIP CLUCAS - born in German, Glenfaba, Isle of Man 1671 (married Christian Fargher born in presumed Isle of Man)
Georges g.g.g.g.g.g.grandfather = WILLIAM CLUCAS - presumed born in Isle of Man - no date (married i think, Christian Fargher born presumed Isle of Man)

Can anyone please help of clarify any issues of add to the info i have - thank you