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Looking forward to it Robert. As I've mentioned to you in the past, my Kaighins and your Cannells are very tightly interrelated. It is also my theory that all Manx Cannells have a single common ancestor, so I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the results.

My direct connection to your Cannells starts here:

Libri Vast, 1614: Patr Cannell {9s 4d} Ellin Cannill {4s 8d}. Patrick by delivry of the strawe hath given the third pte of his ground to his daughter Ellin.

The land in question is the adjacent properties of Middle Kerrowglass and Ballaquine. Rents for both properties were always paid together in Michael.

Ellen m. 1st, my 10 G Grandfather, Thomas Kaighin and had 8 children with him.(she married 2nd, William Kaighin - no issue)

For the next 200 years, both families were affiliated with Kerrowglass and Ballaquine (and Scaresdale), in many instances various parcels of these quarterlands were farmed by both families.

If you haven't seen my Y-DNA tree, email me and I'll send you a link to it.

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