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Richard Roberts Castle Rushen Prisoner

Im trying to find a record of a Richard Roberts who was a prisoner in Castle Rushen.

Richard was born c1808 manchester and moved to I.O.M with his wife Mary and had several kids while here. He was butcher in douglas and commited a robbery according to the local paers at the time and was sentenced to 10yrs transportation on and was held at Castle Rushen.

His original trail was 21st march 1850 he got sentenced to death by hanging but then there was a paper article in 23rd nov 1854 he finally pleaded guilty and then got his sentenced changed to 10 yrs transportation on ship York.

I checked the ship York and it only made 4 trips to AU the last being the one close to the time Richard was a prisoner. It said 1862 but he was not one of the 301 passengers. Im thinking maybe he died in prison anytime between 23/11/1854--7/10/1862

Would there be any record of this, can anyone help?
Thank you in advance.

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