Manx Genealogy

Radcliffe Genealogy 1700s Ramsey/Maughold

Hello. I am looking for any information on the Radcliffes in 1700s Ramsey/ Maughold. I have my genealogy traced back to the following Radcliffes, but I have reached a dead end.

Thomas Henry Radcliffe (of the Roan) (1763-1845) Ramsey/Maughold
He married Margaret Corlett from Lezayre (1768-1851)

Thomas Henry Radcliffe's parents were:
William Radcliffe (?-1800) and Jane Killey (?-1784)
They were married in Maughold in 1757, and they both died in Maughold.

William Radcliffe is my person of interest. I have not been able to figure out who his parents were. I am thinking that he may have come from Andreas as there are no records of Radcliffes in Ramsey/Maughold before 1730. I have researched all of the William Radcliffes in IOM who were born between 1715 and 1740. I have narrowed his possible parents down to two options (both from Andreas):

1. Thomas Radcliffe of Andreas and Jane Curlet (1702-1752) of Maughold

2. William Radcliffe (1706-1755) of Andreas and Anne Kneale (1706-1759) of Andreas

Does anyone have any information on these 2 families? I have found a few family trees on Ancestry.com, but they all contain copied information that is full of errors.