Manx Genealogy

Ivanhoe Hotel, Douglas

I live near Bristol and we are visiting the Isle of Man from the 30th April to 7th May.
The Ivanhoe hotel was open in the 1930's and I gather was requisitioned by the army in the Second world war. In the 1930's it was owned and run by the Williams family (Arthur Williams) originally from Lancashire. I believe it might have been on the front at Douglas. Unfortunately I don't know the address of the hotel or what has happened to it. Do you have any information on it, or what the address of it was, so that I can locate it while visiting?
Also one of Mr. Williams daughters, Alice Williams married one of my uncles, Leslie Beaumont while she lived on the Island. The wedding was on 19th February 1934 at Braddan at I believe St. Georges church. Do you know of this church and its location in Braddan so again I can visit it.
Any help you can offer would be gratefully received and I thank you in advance. Should I have directed my eamail to the wrong place would you please redirect it and advice me.
Kind regards
David Beaumont-Markland