Manx Genealogy

James Radcliffe

I am hoping for guidance to determine the parentage of my Manx ggg grandfather James Radcliffe and his daughter Ann.

What I have is this (source in parentheses)
• 1783 birth (ship’s manifest)
• 1814 birth of son James C Radcliffe (ship’s manifest)
• 1815 fought at Waterloo (his obit)
• 1819 birth of daughter Ann Radcliffe (ship’s manifest)
• 1827 arrived in NY on ship Casanda (sic)
o Accompanied by 13yo James C and 9yo Ann; assumed to be his children
o Country to which he “belonged” entered as Great Britain with long line down page to indicate “ditto”
o Occupation - cabinet maker
• 1828, 1829, 1830 records for James Radcliffe, cabinetmaker in NYC (US Craftperson’s Files)
• 1835 US Census has a James Radcliffe in NYC; in addition to the 3 people whose ages match the people on manifest, there are also
o a white female 40 – 49
o a white female 14 – 19
This raises the question of whether a wife and older daughter immigrated after him (then disappeared from records). Or it is another family.
• 1837 record of a James Radcliffe, cabinet maker in Virginia (US Craftpersons Files)
• 1840 US Census he appears as a tradesman with white female of daughter’s age; other family does not appear.
• 1846 death – newspaper obit includes “a native of the Isle of Man” and “served in the English Army under Wellington in the field of Waterloo”
• Family lore includes his “receiving the trade of cabinetmaker” as he was the oldest son and also that he was the son of an “Earl”. Particularly improbable in combination.

Ann Radcliffe, James’ daughter, served as a nurse and ran 3 small hospitals in the civil war so it is possible that her mother came from a family of bone setters.

Most of my Manx DNA matches have Radcliffe ancestors in the northern part of the Island, but there is one from Arbory.