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Re: Ann Mylevorrey Married John Kelly

Thanks so much for all this information.

I'm really trying to eliminate people where no evidence can be found in my tree, not sure if this is the way to go but this part of my Kelly tree had a lot of presumptions from my lazy and novice approach years back of trusting that other trees on ancestry had been completed by folk who had researched their information, I know now naive! .

Working backwards now from John in my previous enquiry, his grandfather was

Gilbert Kelly (I have evidence of this)

However, I have only seen Gilbert, born 1670, married to Isabel Boddaugh in trees on ancestry, daughter of Richard & Bahee als Callow.

I can't find any evidence of a marriage between Gilbert and Isabel.

I found a will of Gilbert's which confirms his death 11 Sept, 1726, though that is the date I have for his burial!!

His will cites son, James, Daughter Anne, Step daughter Catherine Corkill, son Patrick, son Thomas ua (?meaning), and wife Jony,

witnesses. Patrick Crellin and Margaret Kelly als Crellin.

(My family back here seems to have lots of Crellins/Kellys/Myelvorrey's crossing over across about three generations!)

In Gilbert's will would Jony be Gilbert's wife or the wife of Thomas?

At the bottom of Gilbert's will it cites Patrick Kelly acks(??) from Step mother Jony Kelly.. 7 June 1733

(What does acks mean?). Patrick was my 5th x great grandfather.

So if Jony is Gilbert's 2nd wife, GIlbert had at least two wives,

1)I Was Isabel Boddough GIlbert's wife? Can't find any evidence of this.

2) Is Jony, Gilbert's wife or his son Thomas' wife, the way its worded in the will is confusing

I've looked through ancestry and familysearch.org . I also spent some hours looking through Imuseum but I couldn't verify these questions,

Can anyone set me on a clear path with this please?

Who is Jony, Is she a former Jony Corkill?

Is Catherine Corkill, step daughter of Gilbert as mentioned in his will, or a Corkill by marriage. I haven't got to her yet.

Sorry for so many questions. I truly have tried but gotten no where, its so confusing and working online from Canada I only have access to so much.

Thanks in advance once again for any help.