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Hi Frances,

I had seen that entry about Isabel Sayle and wondered but part of what I am currently doing is going back over work where I made conclusions without doing any work just on what someone else had in their trees, I wish Ancestry came with a warning for new users! Any way, I guess with Ann Quane, I may never get a firm confirmation of who her mother was. Its sad to me that this might be the case here. I wonder if there is a way to connect Isabel with the Quane family? Not that that is necessarily how John met Ann's mother? I've also pondered how William Kelly met and subsequently married Ann when she was only 16yrs, Would John Quane have to have given his permission with her being so young if not, who would have done so in those days if no mum or dad came forward or were unavailable for such a task?

Once again, more questions, still Thats not a bad thing.

I will look back to Manxnotebook and Imuseum though so far I've not seen anything there.

Thank you once again,


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