Manx Genealogy

Re: Ann Mylevorrey Married John Kelly

Thanks Frances,

I'll work on this.

Someone on the facebook page sent me a map reference for "The Driny" off The North West side of Poortown road just prior to the Switchback

For Rockmount, "This is from George Broderick's Placenames of German and gives a description of the Placename and general map reference. The photos look to be the remains of buildings, which I hope may be the Mylevorrey Homestead

IF this is of interest to anyone else.

I tried to include the map reference but I couldn't as I was told it might contain "naughty language", Its just a map ref...

So sadly, I can share that which is a shame as going to it shows the remains of the buildings there. It's really interesting.The photos are also to large to embed and I don't have the tech knowledge how to fix that sadly. :(

oh well.