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Ann Kelly als Quane

I also have a question about my 3 x great grandmother. She was Ann Quane born About 1800 married Feb 24, 1816 to William Kelly who was a farmer. Ann is cited as the illegitimate daughter of Captain John Quane 1757-1838. He left her Scra Volley on the Ballacraine to Hope road, in his will with its 6 acres. My friend owns it now and its not changed too much, hard to imagine it with 13 children in it!

My question is, after many years trying, is there any way to find out who Ann's mother was?

I can't find either a birth or christening record. Ann was a spinster of the Parish of Patrick according her marriage certificate to William. The marriage was witnessed by John Kelly, not sure if that was Williams father, husband of Ann als Mylevorrey, or his brother John who was 2 years older than William being born 1790. The second witness are Bob Oats. It was Overseen by John Cottier the Vicar at that time.

I don't know much about what happened when a child was illegitimate. I guess it was nice of her father to leave her something in his will and for her to carry his name? However, not knowing about her mother, it's a whole branch of our family tree that remains empty, I would love dearly to fill in some names there, if possible.

Thanks again in advance for any assistance you can give or advice as to where I could go next.

Canada (Manx born)

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