Manx Genealogy

Re: Alexander Bonnyman - background

"Alexander's decree of 1825 should be online" - I'll try dig a little deeper for this one I think, I haven't managed to find this redcord as yet, I've read a few books on the Athols but yeah not really much that I've found so far, I'm fairly certain I've read most if not all of what I've located on this site, the manx museum's online services and a few other internet resources.

"The Atholl's were well known for nepotism so I suspect his family would be well known to the Duke." - Yeah thats what I've been hoping too, although it doesn't sound like he was one of the Duke's typical officers though based on what little I've gathered so far:
"Judged by his actions the last Duke was undoubtedly an able, but unscrupulous man. He was overbearing and auto- cratic in his manner, and those features did not ' go down ' with Manx people. He could be imperious and at the same time childish. He was more than once called ' nefarious ' by his opponents, and he ever had in mind the thought of increasing his own revenues. Above all else he was a man of action. He had his finger in very visible pie. He made himself very un- popular when he appointed so many of his Scottish dependants to various paid offices. His chief agent or * Seneschal,' was James McCrone,* who did for him some of the ' unpleasant ' work. A more humane official was Bonnyman, who occupied a part of the family house at Port y Shee, and who was buried at Kirk Braddan in 1825." excerpt from "Island heritage : dealing with some phases of Manx history by Cubbon, William"

"The Atholl papers are a large collection of letters etc relating to the Atholl involvement as Lords of Man to 1765 + as governor to 1828 + owner of large amounts of land - they may well give some details but at present need personal search at Manx Museum" - Yeah! I've been drewling over that pile of records ever since reading about them!!! Sounds like an absolutely huge stash of information but yeah unfortunately for the time being with covid etc the trip we've been hoping to take England, Scotland and the Isle of Man (and time permitting Ireland) has had to be put on hold indefinitely. -_-

We're from Brisbane, Australia so I've been relying on digitisation services so far. :/