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He bought a small parcel of intack in 1838 [NSS Oct 1839 4] - dated 23 Apr 1838;Catherine Cannell als Kneale + Ann Cannell(Shoughlauge, Kk Michael) sell for £1(Brit) to Nathaniel Moore(Kk Michael) a small parcel of intack part of Cronk-ne-feshag adj Phillip Quiggin on north + east and the road to the mountain on south + west.; Witt Richd Cowley, William Sayle 'x'

and married Esther Sayle in 1840 (rather unusual the marriage was not in the Bride's parish) - died intestate in 1865 - will is I think online his sons Arthur + Thomas were the pledges; Nathaniel is a very unusual name on IoM - there is I think only one earlier Nathaniel son of a Peter Moore.

I can't think of any document other than an Irish baptismal record that will give you his parents