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Lazarus and Lorenzo Canepa were brothers in Genoa, Italy. Their father was John B. Canepa. The brothers left Italy in the late 1840s. Lazarus Canepa settled on the Isle of Man. Lorenzo Canepa initially settled in Runcorn. He married Martha Burrows in Manchester in 1854, then moved to the Isle of Man and preceded the Canipa family.

Spelling of the surname changed from Canepa to Canipa in April 1888 according to the birth records. Later records have mixed spellings.

Lorenzo Canepa [aka Lawrence]
B. 1820-1; Italy. Father: John B. Mother: Unknown.
M. Martha BURROWS, 06 November 1854, Manchester.
[Lawrence Econepey, aged 34 = Musician, John Econepey, Father = Farmer. Witnesses: Rosita and John Cuppello. Econepey is a mis-spelling of Canepa on the marriage record.]
D. 10 October 1868 aged 47.

B. Widnes, 1834. Father: Ralph Burrows.
D. Douglas, 1911 aged 78.
Buried: Braddan, 17 December 1911 aged 78.

06 November 1854: 64 Tib Street, Manchester.
Brown’s Directory 1881/2: 6, Tynwald Terrace, Douglas. Widow.

Teresa Canepa
M. Michael BERESFORD aged 29, 20 August 1894 Douglas IoM. Father: William Beresford.
Buried: Douglas Borough Cemetery, 22 March 1944 aged 80.

Buried: Douglas Borough Cemetery, 11 November 1935 aged 71.

Children of Teresa Canepa:

• Lawrence [aka Laurence] Canipa
B. 27 April 1888, Douglas IoM.
D. 26 August 1888, Douglas, IoM.
Buried: Kirk Braddan, 28 August 1888,

• Catherine Ann Canipa

• Mary Cecilia Canipa
B. 14 May 1891.

This is as far as I got along your line. I would appreciate you letting me have your line from Teresa Canepa to yourself.

I'm decended from Lazarus Canepa and so is Doug. I've lost touch with Doug now.