Manx Genealogy

Re: JOHN CHARLES TEARE 1895 - 1980

Hello and thanks for reply,

So my interest is, assuming Ive got all my ancestors in the right order, that John Charles was the brother of my late paternal grandfather. And I knew nothing about John Charles beyond what Ive found here.

My paternal g/dad died in Dec 1970 when i was a small boy. His wife and my G/Mum lived on until 1980. Their 3 children inc my dad have now also passed away. So ive noone to ask what happened between the two brothers and why did noone speak about them ever?

I would be extremely grateful for any further information please. I am an only child, i have no childrfen and my paternal aunt/uncle didnt have any children either. So the descendants of John might be my only Manx relatives !

Thank you again for replying and i look forward to any more updates.


paul teare