Manx Genealogy

Illegitimate Son James Radcliffe in Castletown

I am looking for any information regarding the following people in Casteltown/ Malew: John Skelly/Skeally and Esther Radcliff and an illegitimate son, James Skelly Radcliff. I am trying to verify that these people are as follows:
John Skelly/Skeally, born 1821 to Edward Skelly/Skeally (1790-1872) of Malew and Margaret Quine (1793-1881) of Lezayre.
Esther Radcliff, born 1817 to Thomas Radcliff (?-?) of Malew and Esther Quine (1789-1834) of Malew.
I'm not sure if John Skelly/Skeally is the true father of James or simply someone who stood in as the father during the christening. There is evidence that the mother, Esther Radcliffe, never married after his birth or had another child.
Thank you in advance!
Kirk Radcliffe Mayer