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A couple more thoughts:

Don’t assume that the imuseum label for each of the photos is an accurate transcription of the label on the plate. To get a better look at the label, enlarge the image, take a screenshot of just the writing/number and save the image. Then open the image using an application which enables you to laterally invert it (eg Paint). This usually helps. The words Miss and Mrs are often scrawled making it difficult to be sure, so look for a wedding ring. Also, if there’s an initial (eg Mrs T Kelly), the T might be the woman’s initial or it might be her husband’s.

Some of the images show a “request for copies”-----these appear in the form of CdVs pinned to a board and any label might be the name of the person requesting the copies rather than the person in the image----and the index number will reflect the date of the request rather than the date the image was snapped.

Jean C

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