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Hello there!

I am on the hunt to find all and whatever information I can to extend all branches of my family line going through my direct ancestor Thomas Karren (born 1810-1876) who married Anne Ratcliffe of Lancashire and immigrated to America in the late 1840's.

From the information received through the generations from Thomas Karren, our family has only received partial information up to about 4 generations on Thomas's mother's side (Catherine Clark) and 6 generations on his father's (Thomas Karren).

We are trying to connect and expand the branches of our direct ancestor's line to the following names:

Kewley, Clark, Cannel, Brew, Mylrea, Kinley, Moore, Knealy, Parnam, Quayle, Kinvig, Clague, Maddrell, Garrett, Quirk, Oates, Kelly, Crain, Camaish

Any and all information available from anyone in this community would be highly appreciated!