Manx Genealogy

Margret Gellin(g) d 1735

Hi all. With the help of Blue 70 from the Liverpool site, I have found family search images of Manx wills,
I have Elinor Kewley b 1706 in Ballafreer.. Her mother was Elizabeth Gelling b 1685.
I have been looking at the wills of Margaret Gellin(g) of Braddan. One died in 14 Januaary 1724/5 and was married to John. Her will is on film 106213 pg 31 of 527. You have kindly transcribed this for me.
It gives her descendants as children; Paul, John and Elizabeth (Kewley) ; grand children Margaret, Elinor , John and William Gellin. Also Elinor Kewley. These link in nicely with my family. There appears to be a confusion. Eric Gelling has her maiden name as Kneal, but when I looked at film number 0106374 Pg 13 of 883 Marg, Gelling als Kneal. This will from 1735 gave her alias name as Kneal. Both were from Braddan or Douglas. She died 3 May 1735. She had a daughter Alice and sons John and Paul.
I thought the first Margret had a maiden name Christian.
Please could some one help me out.
as an other thought on the next page to Margret died 1735 is a will for John Gelling died 1835 in Jamaca. Sons Paul, Charles and William. These 1735 wills are very badly damaged.
Thanks Lynne