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Hi Nora,
The Vicar only states the mother was buried, not the child. On Brian Lawsons burial list, the first ever Robert Quark is buried Santon 28/5/1792 , followed by Lonan 12/6/1797. JQ and JS married 20/2/1719 , other children all ch Lonan:
Mary 1718 (?) not shown as illegitimate
John 1720
Elizabeth 1722 father of Ballaboo (dies 1725)
Son 1723 father of Ballaboo
Margaret 1726
Robert 1729
Parish written records in poor condition and hard to read.
Did John Q (of Lonan) m Jony Corkill in Andreas 10/12/1731 ?
Robert and Margaret Callister's children in Braddan:
1754 Jane
1756 Robert
1764 William
1766 Margaret.

No Joney ? But his possible stepmother also called Joney, but you would think he knew his mother died most likely giving birth to him ?


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