Manx Genealogy

Re: Catherine Quayle als Moughtin

Hello Doug, I think ? this is your Catharine Quayle, on the Census.

1841 HO 107 / 1464 / 4
Balla ny glenn
Jane Callister 30 Ind.
Catherine Callister 12
Esther Callister 6
Catharine Quayle 48 Ind. (Independent Means) Y es (born on Isle of Man)
Jane Maxwell 9 Y es (born on Isle of Man)

1851 H. O. 107 / 2526
Catherine Madrell wife married 30
Ann Jane Madrell dau 4
Catherine Madrell dau 2
Paul Kegg Father in Law 58 Shoemaker
Margaret Kegg Mother in Law 53
Catherine Quayle Aunt Widow 58
Jane Sayle Servant Unm 17

1861 R. G. 9 / 4424
18 Ballucam
Catherine Quayle Head Widow 67 Occupier of 40 Acres of land employs two men Isle of Man, Patrick
James Quayle Son UN 27 Lead Miner Isle of Man, Patrick
Anne Quayle Daur UN 24 Dressmaker Isle of Man, Patrick
Elizabeth Quilliam Grand Daur UN 18 Gen Servant Isle of Man, Patrick
Eleanor Skinner Sister in Law Widow 84 Dependent Isle of Man, Patrick
John Quilliam Grandson UN 16 Manservant Isle of Man, Patrick
Catherine Quilliam Grand Daur Visitor 12 Scholar Isle of Man, Patrick
John Kermode Son in Law Widr. 34 Lead Miner Isle of Man, Maughold
Catherine A. Kermode Grand Daur 8 Isle of Man, Patrick
Louisa E. Kermode Grand Daur 5 Isle of Man, Patrick

Marriage 18 July 1846 Patrick Isle of Man
John Kermode age 21 Birth 1825
Catharine Jane Quayle Birth 1819 Age 27