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Re: Gellen / Gelling Family History (+ Gornal)

Yes, it's Umber Works. Thanks Frances.

I did a quick look to see why Matilda Killey used "Gornal" as her birth surname in 3 out of 4 of her children's births starting 1862, and she used it as a middle name for William Gornal Killey's 1862 birth. As far as I can tell, this middle name was never used by William himself.

Discovered that a Daniel Rushton Gornal married in Mannington in 1861 and he's there age 30 with his bride and his mother and some siblings in the 1861 census. Matilda Killey aged 27 a Servant is also in Mannington in 1861 but with a different family. This Gornal family is easy to find in the census's in Mannington. They originate in Lancashire and may have moved back and forth. In 1851 there is a Thomas Gornal aged 22 who is a Dyer. There's that occupation again!

I wonder if for some reason this family became important to Matilda and that's why she used the name. There has to be a reason she ended up in Manningham, and then in Ovenden by 1862. Manningham is now part of Bradford and isn't too far from Ovenden. They are inland so no reason for a mariner to go there except for a reason.

The clues pile up but the mystery continues.