Manx Genealogy

Re: Gellen / Gelling Family History

Hi Tony. The daughter Mary Alice is recorded as "Tilley" instead of "Killey". She was born 16 Oct 1864 at Sodhouse Green, Ovenden, father Thomas Tilley occupation "Dyer Journeyman". Mother Matilda Tilley formerly GorneI. I can send you the PDF. Write to egelling at shaw dot ca. I was only able to get 3 PDF's of the children but not the eldest William Gornal Killey.

What occupation was given for the father in William's 1862 certificate? I'm wondering if there's a pattern. Third child Frank had father's occupation as "Warp Dresser". Do you know anything about the 2 younger children after 1891 when they're both with their older sister and her husband in Widnes?

Thomas Gelling's older brother William was living on Arbory Road in Malew in the 1861 census, which is the same street as some of the Killey family lived. Could be a coincidence but might be a clue to how Thomas and Matilda would have met.

Thomas's father William (1798-1837) of Ballasalla left 10 pounds to each of his 5 children then living, including Thomas, when they turned 21. Thomas was only 4. William is described as a "labourer" in his children's marriages, but his will suggests he was a bit more than that as that's a reasonable amount to leave for the time.

If you want to know more about this Gelling family, write me at the above address. I believe they descend from the Gellings of Camlork Braddan, and Thomas's uncle was Rev. John James Gelling of St Catherine Church in Southwark London. Several other clergymen are in this family group, such as Rev James Gelling (1771-1838) Vicar of Kirk German and his son Samuel (1797-1865) Vicar of St. Anne.

If you joined John Creer's Study of Manx family names and did the Y-Test he could quickly determine if you connect to the Gellings. Mine is in there and I think the Camlork Gellings and my Onchan Gellings should connect in the 1500s as there is a lot of commonality on names.