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Re: Gellen / Gelling Family History

Hi everyone, many thanks for the information you have provided. Apologies for not replying sooner as I was travelling.
I think there are some good leads in some of the information provided. Matilda and Thomas are certainly difficult to research as it seems incorrect ages were given in census, they may not have married and had children out of wedlock, and the surnames used have changed throughout.
Below is some information I have they may be of further interest for Matilda
Matilda had four children that I am aware of:
• William Gornal Killey - b 15 May 1862 at Sodhouse, Ovenden, York. Mother was Matilda Killey formerly Gornal. Father was Thomas Killey
• Mary Alice Killey? – b 1865 at Ovenden, York. Cannot locate birth record in FreeBMD or GRO.
• Frank Killey – b 8 Mar 1872 at Sodhouse Green, Ovenden, York. Mother was Matilda KIlley formerly Gurnell. Father was Thomas KIlley.
• Martha Jane Kelley – b 24 Mar 1877 at Shaw Lane, Ovenden, York. Mother was Matilda Kelley a Char Woman. No father recorded.
According to the 1891 census, Frank and Martha (surname showing as Jellen) were at Mary Alice Quayle’s house in Widnes, Lancashire. Perhaps they lived with Mary Alice after Matilda died in 1886.
I cannot find any marriage record for Matilda and Thomas.
The 1871 census shows Matilda was unmarried whilst the 1881 census shows her as a widow.
Matilda’s died on 29 June 1886 at 1 Railway Terrace, Douglas. Death record notes Emily Brew (cousin of deceased) was present at death. This shows linkage with the Brew family.
I don’t have much on Thomas at all. I am following up on a Thomas Kelley that died aged 36 years old in Halifax in 1875. He had a son Thomas Kelley who died in Halifax at 10 days old in 1873. The birth record for the son will hopefully let me know the mother to see if related.