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Re: Gellen / Gelling Family History

Last topic for today is Matilda's father Edward Killey. I found just two candidates, one is better than the other I think.

The one I picked first was Edward Killey bapt 20 Dec 1807 Patrick s/o Edward Killey & Mappy Quirk. He married Elizabeth Moore in Patrick in 1828, one child there in 1829 and then 7 following in Malew up to 1849. This family mysteriously isn't in either 1841 or 1851 census (I tried hard to find them), but do show up in 1861 and after. This Edward married a second time late with father also named Edward, and then died 1884 aged 75.

If the above Edward is the right one, he strayed between child 1 & 2, perhaps while checking out Malew for the place to live.

My preferred choice is the Edward below:

1841 Census Arbory Street Malew 1464 8 5 pg 11
Edward KILLEY 35 Cooper Y
Maria KILLEY 55 N
Susannah KILLEY 25 Y
Anna KILLEY 25 Y
Alicia KILLEY 20 DressM Y

FS Burial Image Malew 1847: "Edward John Killey Arbory St. 46 yrs Feb 6".

He left a will. If he's the father, maybe he mentioned his only child Matilda?

I found his baptism written sideways along the edge of the 1801 Malew baptism register:
FS Baptism Image Malew 1801: "Edw'd John s. of W'm Killey & Maria Frederica Quillin his wife was bap'd August 17th 1801"

The parents William Killey & Maria Frederica Quillen married 6 Sep 1800 Patrick. It stated both were from that parish. I found 6 children for them at Malew. All of them seem to have been entered later between lines or sideways up the edge.

William Killey was a Castletown Merchant. He was buried at Malew 31 March 1835 aged 62. He left a will.

Maria was buried 25 Sep 1850 Malew. I was hoping she'd make 1851 so we'd know where she came from.

Two of Edward Killey's sisters Susanna & Anna appear together as spinsters to the end of the century. In 1851 their spinster aunt Anna Quillen age 70 is with them, and in 1861 Susanna is visiting her aunt Ann E Quillin age 81 at Ramsey. In that one, it says the aunt was born in Denmark. Bingo, now we probably know where Maria Frederica Quillin was born.

That runs me dry of what I've found out.so far about Matilda's background. There's some uncertainty, particularly with who Thomas Gelling might be and also this Edward Killey above. More research may uncover more clues.

Good luck with all of this!