Manx Genealogy

Re: Gellen / Gelling Family History

After working thru this I'm being to have doubts - the Matilda illeg c/o of Jane Corrin would appear to have remained in Douglas throughout (also I'm not sure of the Cumberland Matilda unless she has a wrongly reported age + is a 2nd wife to the older Robert Kelly) - is there another Matilda we havn't noticed? - the Ovenden Matilda Killey is 43 in 1881 thus probably not the 57yrs old Matilda buried in 1886 - there is a Matilda Kelly 2yr old dau of Hannah Kelly als Knowells (English born widow of a Thomas Kelly) living in Lonan in 1841 - there is also a 5yr old Irish born Matilda Golan d/o Irish John Golan a paper maker (gone by 1851 I think) - she may have thought she was born in IoM?